YOU… The Reason We’re Here

You want to grow your business and you know that there are opportunities out there that would help you to do that . . . if you only had the time and resources to identify and go after them.

You need to be sure that when you win contracts you can deliver without overstretching.

You need support in finding the contracts you can win.

You need handholding as you make your way through the minefield of PQQs, RFQs, supplementary information, specifications and compliance that come with tendering opportunities . . yes exactly!

It comes down to this, expert help required.

YOU need US



What our clients have to say about us . . .


“We engaged Kindridge to take over the bid work we were doing so that we could actually take back time to focus on our day to day business activities. In a very short time we realised that we had found a trusted partner, as invested in our business as we are, and the wins have started coming in. We have also found that costs have decreased the more we work together.

Good2Great highly recommends Kindridge to any business owners looking to outsource their bidding and reclaim their weekends.”

Johnny Themans, founder and CEO Good2Great Ltd. Bridgnorth


“Collaborating with Ali has been quite exhilarating, her entrepreneurial approach, work ethics and professionalizing with an empathetic touch, has been quite an exquisite experience. Looking forward to many more ventures together in embracing the masses in dreaming BIG.”

Ivy I Barreto, consultant, author, speaker. Hugs Consultancy