Sales a different way

Written by Ali Bagley
18 Nov 2023

I recently overheard someone say that ‘our primary goal is to promote and sell our products or services.’ That’s why we engage in networking, produce content on social media, and leave comments on others’ posts. It’s also why we dedicate our time to blogging, writing articles, publishing books, and presenting ourselves as speakers. Are there enough hours in the day!

It got me thinking. Honestly, it made me a little sad. I understand that the motivation behind every entrepreneur’s effort, regarding interaction and connection, might be the desire to sell their products. However, is that truly all we desire? Is generating profit and ensuring a stable income for our company or employer what we wish to dedicate 40 to 50 years of our lives to?

Are we, as leaders, fostering an atmosphere that prioritises financial gain above all else, where the primary focus is on maximising profits through the sale of our products or services, without regard for what are arguably more important considerations?

Entrepreneurs endeavour to generate revenue

Entrepreneurs, regardless of their background and experiences, strive to generate revenue from their offerings or services in order to sustain their businesses, compensate their employees, and cover their expenses. Yet, isn’t there more to business than just meeting this fundamental need for survival?

The drive and dedication that fuels your business ventures and fosters a shared sense of excitement and commitment among your clientele and team members is what truly sets you apart as a leader. This unwavering passion serves as a constant source of motivation, guiding you through challenging times and making each victory a moment to cherish. It’s the very same passion that inspired you to embark on this journey, and it’s what continues to propel you forward. By harnessing this energy, you can kindle the enthusiasm of your teams, encouraging them to go above and beyond to achieve remarkable results.

If our sole priority is sales, we will inevitably sacrifice our personal connection and, more importantly, our connection with our clients. Emotions drive people’s purchasing decisions, while logic supports those decisions. When we prioritise the sale and the revenue it generates, we rely solely on logic and overlook the emotional aspect. Therefore, how can we establish engagement and foster a sense of familiarity, affection, and trust with our customers?

Future Proofing

For organisations to thrive, consistent revenue streams are essential. While ensuring financial stability is crucial, leaders should prioritise fostering passion among their teams. A leader who solely focuses on generating income without considering the actual value created may not inspire their team members to reach their full potential.
A skilled leader will consider the following factors to ignite enthusiasm and so futureproof their business:

  1. The challenges faced by the client, customer, or end user
  2. The remedy that the service or product will offer to address and eliminate those challenges
  3. The collaborative efforts of the team, driven by passion and eagerness, to develop and implement that remedy

If these three factors are your core focus, then the results will meet the client’s expectations and lead to a successful purchase. All of which leads to what you need to keep your business thriving: revenue.

Of these number 3. Is key. Fostering a cohesive and motivated team is crucial for achieving exceptional outcomes as a leader. By encouraging collaboration, leveraging individual strengths, and allowing team members to pursue their passions, you can create a positive and fulfilling work environment that benefits everyone involved. This not only leads to increased job satisfaction but also reduces turnover rates and the associated costs and disruptions, ultimately resulting in a more sustainable and successful team.

Foster a work environment that cultivates sales while avoiding a sole focus on targets

While sales are indispensable for the survival of our business, concentrating solely on numbers can lead to a lacklustre work experience for leaders and team members alike. By creating a dynamic environment that encourages growth and excellence, we can strike a balance between achieving sales goals and fostering a fulfilling workplace culture.

According to Matt Dudek, Vice President, Gartner. “Leaders of inside sales teams face a high turnover risk with their reps today — 18% annually according
to our research.” 9th Nov 2022

Furthermore, a recent survey conducted by Gartner found that nearly 40% of inside sellers are planning to change jobs within the next year, with many citing a desire for more engaging work, a more supportive work environment, and the opportunity to work with highly skilled managers as their reasons for leaving their current positions.

In conclusion

Achieving sales success isn’t just about pushing products or services; it’s about enjoying the process, being inspired by strong leadership, and having a genuine passion for what we do. When we focus on these aspects, we create an environment that fosters growth and makes selling a fulfilling experience.

It’s undeniable that we all need to promote our products or services, but let’s not forget to consider the purpose behind our actions. Instead of focusing solely on our own interests, we should ask ourselves who we’re doing this for and why. the needs and desires of others, we can cultivate a sense of passion and purpose in both us and our audience. This mindset can help us create a more meaningful and impactful experience for everyone involved.

So yes, at the end of the day, every business owner wants to successfully market and sell their products or services. But by developing a culture focused on the needs and desires of others, we can cultivate a sense of passion and purpose in both us and our audience. This mindset can help us create a more meaningful and impactful experience for everyone involved. And thus, make sales and thrive.